Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kursus Mekap

Back in 2008, i ever been make up by this sales lady from La Tulipe,the result was impressive...i like the way she shade my eyes was awesome.Even my eldest sister like it...usually she always comment about me...heheh...I take my own photos and attach it at my msn account...

I even send it to my boyfriend and he really like it..and this year 2010, i met the sales lady again and she offer me to join the make up course....

So i join the make up course, i thought only few of Bruneian will turn up...but to my surprise they were huge crowds of women attend the course.Some are familiar face, which i know is the make up artist and do bridal make up.

I learn a lot during the course, at the end i sign up for another make up workshop on the next day...and i manage to learn a lot from the workshop as well. From this course, i able to apply the make up myself with the guidance of the saleslady and some 'mak andam'.

Here i attach the result of my make up

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